Todd’s has 3 younger siblings: Andrew McKellips (1984) Quinn McKellips (1986) and Luke McKellips (1988). All the boys were home schooled until 1998 by their mother Kathy.

 The family grew up in a semi-Mennonite faith based up bringing (hence the wooly button downs in the picture).



Drew, Quinn, Luke & Todd McKellips
 McKellips mother Kathleen “Beebe” McKellips is of Japanese decent born in Sendai Japan. Todd’s father Scott (born in Everett, WA) worked his way into management with Pierce Transit and went on to open a small business owner of a Pet Cremation Company (ARK NORTHWEST).

Scott was the son of Joyce (JC Penny Hair Stylist) and Art McKellips (former WSP, famous wood carver, historian and designer of Leavenworth Washington pictured on right with president Carter and Hank Aaron).

Scott was one of four boys (Kelly, Dan, Scott & Sean) Kathy was one of four (Kathy, Terry, Ken & Naomi).


President Jimmy Carter, Bowie Kuhn, Hank Aaron, Art McKellips

Hunter & Daddy (Homer, Alaska)
 Hunter McKellips was born July of ’06 the little firecracker. IMG_2364

Kathy (Grandma & Hunter @ Grandma Beebes)
 Morgan and Todd met while both working at Fred Meyer on South Hill Puyallup in 2009. Morgan worked for Starbucks and Todd was in Loss Prevention for the store.

 In 2011 Todd attended a goodbye party for his former boss and hit up a conversation with Morgan. He looked her up on Facebook and informed her that she had caught his eye. Soon after they hung out a few times and he doubled down all the Truthful  facts of his crazy life from financial issues to personal family issues and “other drama” issues. For some  reason this did not deter Morgan in dating Todd. 

 Morgan has a wonderful family Thomas & Kayla Swick (Parents). Todd after dating almost a whole year asked Tom & Kayla for their permission to pursue marriage. On the date one year later 1 year from the official dating day, they got engaged and the two were married in a grand ceremony soon after at “The Chapel on Echo Bay – Fox Island” 1/12/13 with a reception at the new Alderwood Golf Course.

 The Wedding was presided over by Cole Massey a long time pastor friend from McCall, Idaho, as his Best friend James Glaser as the best man, Hunter McKellips as the ring bearer ( ear piece, hand cuffs, and brief case and all ).

 2950_10151274919549290_1430250192_nMorgan, Cole, Todd, Hunter, James
 The value of time spent with the family is of the utmost importance.


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