If you asked me today what should I invest in 20 years ago I would have said “Invest in a business and with hard work you’ll achieve success”.  Well I was 13 then what did I know! *laughs Now if you’d ask me I still would encourage a home based business (BUT) I’d ask you to also look at these factors, I must warn you, acting on these tips could result in mass success but it’s not guaranteed of course. The trick is to find something that fits all of these requirements:

Focus on PEOPLE
Jesus left this example but you don’t have to be a person of faith to get that this works, A great Entrepreneur is someone who can relate to lots of people, start your market research today, become a trend setter which leads into my next tip

Find a niche (a need)
By using your resources and mind seek out that niche that’s much needed and use the people around you to measure this idea

Do something you enjoy “It’s best to have fun doing what you love then to be rich hating life”
Have A hobby now? It could be pure gold if your emotional about it are others? Is there something someone else hasn’t tried? What do you love doing? Even If it’s cutting grass for a living or spending money shopping, there’s a way to turn that passion into better than GOLD!

Figure out the $ to : ratio
Money to Time ratio is key, the more money for less time than that’s the business you want to operate! Believe me spinning your wheels isn’t fun 🙂

Passive income is BEST (this one took me too long to figure out & is SUPER IMPORTANT!)
A true Entrepreneur has others do the work but not only that a wise investor seeks out continuous daily/monthly passive income. Work smarter not harder might be something to that?


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